Good News Club

The Good News Bible Club a joint effort of Christian teachers at Burbank and our church in connection with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF).
Every Friday afternoon from 2:30pm–3:45pm. Roughly forty students gather for a fun Bible-centered hour that introduces and nurtures the faith of elementary school students through a Bible lesson taught by the teachers, songs, scripture memory and games.

Volunteers have to be at least 15 years old. Training is available for all volunteers. Duties include helping with check-ins, handing out snacks and learning songs.

Snack donation guidelines: Burbank is committed to healthy nutrition for children at their school and we want to encourage the same.
Consider donating items like: animal crackers, graham crackers, breakfast bars, oatmeal bars, fruit leather, dried fruit, juice boxes, nuts, seeds, trail mix, popcorn or pretzels.
Prohibited snacks include soda, candy, chips, hot Cheetos, in essence anything sugary or oily. Also because peanut allergies are a concern, we will not take peanuts.