Ebenezer – A Tower of Faithfulness

Over the next 3 plus weeks, the Worship Committee and the Church Council would like you to pick rocks!!  We are going to build an Ebenezer, a tower of rocks signifying God’s faithfulness and providence.  All of the rocks you select will be used.  All we ask is this: 1) make the rock big enough, the size of a small lemon to the size of an orange, to write on it legibly your favorite verse address, i.e. John 3:16 or Romans 8, etc.  2) that you do at least one rock for each person in your family with a verse selected on it.  This could be a verse from a relative’s memorial service or a favorite memorization verse.  So if your family has five members, please find five rocks.  These rocks will be gathered together on Sunday, September 29.  If you will not be here that day, you can submit a rock early to the Church office with your verse written on it.  The Worship Committee will enhance your verse address with paint and then lacquer over the rock to seal that verse for all time.  Someone from our congregation will assemble the Ebenezer and we are hoping to present it on Thanksgiving Service to the Church family.

This is not just an exercise in busy work.  Think of how faithful God has been to 1st Artesia CRC over the 75 years we have been here.  Think of all those who have been present in our sanctuary over that time who have gone to glory.  Think of the legacy we are leaving to our children and our children’s children.  Please consider this a labor of love and service to your family and your covenant family of God here.