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Grungy Paper
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J O H N    D W Y E R

Pastoral Assistant

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R O B    G O L D I N G
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K A N D I    A N E M A
R I C H   H A A G S M A

President of Council + Elder


We are a member church within The Christian Reformed Church (CRC). 

This is a denomination that has about 300,000 members in approximately

1,000 congregations across the United States and Canada.

Our mission as a congregation is to bring people to Jesus to RECEIVE them

into his family, to RESTORE them to Christ-like maturity, that all may RETURN to demonstrate God’s love and renew others in the world, in order that we may REJOICE in the Lord always.

Our full statement of faith is called the Three Forms of Unity—a Christian set of documents that hasn’t changed in 500 years. The individual documents are called the Heidelberg Catechism, The Belgic Confession, and the Cannons of Dort. These documents describe in detail what all members of our individual church and denomination believe. The authors of these documents tried to summarize the key teachings of the Bible in a succinct way so that Christians could confess the faith together, in a way that everyone understands. The Bible is our only perfect guide and these documents try to summarize what we think about the Bible (for example, that the Bible is inspired by God and without error). A very brief summary of these teaching is below:

As a church, we believe:

  1. The Bible to be the Word of God.

  2. That God the Father created this world and that by his providence         maintains it for his glory and our welfare.  And that he is our                    Covenant God, faithful to his promises

  3. That Jesus Christ is God’s Only Son.  He came to us because of                    God’s love for us. He was a human being just like us, so that he could represent us on the cross and he is God to conquer our penalty of death for sin.  Salvation is found only through Jesus.

  4. That the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity.  As God, he applies salvation to us and gives us the power to be like Jesus.

  5. All our living is to be in thankfulness to God.

  6. We look forward to the return of Jesus when we will experience the resurrection and eternal life in the new heavens and new earth.

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