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Image by Milad Fakurian

"In an age of rampant pastoral burnout one can only pray that a new fight is not on the horizon. But if God’s providence does not smile on that request, may our feet be shod with the readiness to share the gospel of Christ—the Word, the Light, and the Truth. We must do our best to abolish "third way" thinking. Though it's part of our DNA, it may rear its ugly head and tear us all apart. "

Forest Fire

He is in the ministry of holiness."We must soberly look sin and hell in the eye if we want to vanquish it. Pretending it is not there—like universalists do—is simply denial. And denial will never destroy.

pastor's corner

"It is very subtle, but many modern worship songs have been slowly changing the emphasis in their lyrics from God saving us to God helping us. Without clearly explaining how God helps us, many will think of their careers and happiness, but God is not in the happiness business.

He is in the ministry of holiness."


Making Sense of Hell

Image by Andre Hunter

Not only is Christian anger, properly defined, biblically permissible, but it is also required. In service to this thesis, I will first examine arguments regarding the permissibility of anger. Then, I will seek to refute an argument that states that anger is never advantageous. 

US Flag

Can I Vote for a Sinful Political Candidate?

"Christians today should simultaneously rebuke the sins of their political leaders while rendering them due honor for the God-ordained services they provide."

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